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Hitchmate Cargo Carrier, transporting for your active lifestyle

See you at the Sydney Supershow April 11-19 2015

The HitchMate Cargo Carrier is a hitch mounted stationary platform that inserts into a vehicle's Class 4 towbar and has
been designed to supplement the cargo carrying capacity of any standard sedan, wagon, ute, motorhome or 4X4.
The simple insertion of a HitchMate into your motor vehicles permanently mounted hitch receiver
provides the secure support connection. As an alternative to a utility trailer or roof rack, the HitchMate
carrier can safely transport a family's extra luggage, esky coolers, camping, fishing, and sport equipment.

Now, cargo previously impossible to accommodate due to size, quantity, or considered undesirable
because of composition or physical characteristic can be externally secured and transported on the HitchMate cargo carrier.
HitchMate also manufactures superior motorcycle carriers, motorbike carriers, and scooter carriers that are
designed and attach to an appropriate motor vehicle in similar fashion.

HitchMate leaves no footprint and is an environmentally friendly motor vehicle accessory

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